Letter to My Downstairs Friend

Tanjungpinang, 23rd July 2018
Now i'm genuinely remained here ALONE! This is not the same without you. This isn't like we expected before. But you've already pick your choice, you left.
YOU, remember this :
Even though we aren't talk often, didn't do things like people do, we still have a loudly laugh when difficulty happens, we still have a strong bond when we're far apart, we still have great story that hasn't been enough to shared through the words (cause we still make it). Until this day, everything has change. And when the days gone by, I'm afraid you'll forget me, I'm afraid that i'll be replaced by the new one. But it's okay to me if you find the one who truly cares, who can understands you like i do, who can guide you to the right place, i'll be glad to know that for real. But if its not? I don't know. I just... I mean, my window will alyaws open wide if u wanna comeback.
Your upstairs friend ❤


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